We are a team of professionals with years worth of experience.
Providing storage solutions for businesses and customers is our specialty.
With iSelfStor we are taking self-storage to next level of simplicity.

Let our storage solutions work for you.



ImageStor was founded on 10th August 1993 and is based in London. We extended to Bristol in 2007 to meet customer demands. Now we wish to expand our business portfolio to offer public storage with this new personal service. To this day, two of the founding Directors are still with the company. They have a combined wealth of storage experience with over 40 years in the business.

storage solutions for you

mission & vision

At iSelfStor our mission is to make your life easier.
The future of self storage is no longer big expensive units that you have to spend a lot
of time and money on.

We’re integrating the past, present and future of self storage with an innovative
service that meets the needs of this instant and
on-demand generation.

We live in a world where constant technological evolution is the new normal.
So the services we all receive need to change with it.

iSelfStor are fully committed to quality.
We focus on efficiency and improvements to make sure we are giving you
the best service possible.

Now here is the boring (but important) bit.
It is the policy of the company to maintain a management system designed to meet the
requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.

This means that our Quality Policy is a main focus for the company and we ensure that it is understood
and upheld by all of our staff, at every level.

Our mission to create a useful service will, in turn, create happy customers.
We make sure all our employees are fully trained and we keep the service standards high.
As a result, our company policies and procedures are adhered to at all times
to give you the best experience possible.

Senior management have established process quality and management objectives.
These are subject to regular review which keeps us on top of this fast changing climate.
This means we are always improving and moving forward, never backwards.

iSelfStor – Self Storage Made Simple.

our company

Our team do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible for this kind of service. We are using delivery services that are already in use instead of hiring a fleet of our own vans, so we will not be adding to the amount of cars on the roads. We encourage our customers to re-use our boxes once you have finished storing with us – they are really made to last. But they are also recyclable if you can’t find another use for them. Our suppliers are FSC ® certified and our team are constantly brainstorming for fresh ideas.


Quality is what we strive for and our objectives are;

  • Maintain an effective Quality Management System complying with BS EN ISO 9001.
  • Achieve the highest level of quality and client service possible.
  • Review business performance and keep our focus on service, tailoring to each client’s specific needs.
  • Conduct ethical and professional business practices and manners.
  • Quality training to make sure we do our best, so we get things right first time.
  • Review client feedback to clarify issues and make on going improvements.

easy storage solutions for everyone


Self storage in 3 simple steps.

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