our storage

We offer a personal storage service in our own purpose built warehouse and ensure that the service is tailored to your specific store needs at all levels.

There is complete flexibility in our service so that if and when any changes occur we are here to help & support you at all times.

We can store your belongings for you, cheaper and easier than has been available before.

super easy self storage in England


Select the number of boxes you need. There are two available box sizes – standard and large. Choose your pick up location and date so we know when you’ll be ready to store.


The empty boxes you ordered will be delivered by courier to your door, ready for you to pack.

super easy self storage in England

super easy self storage in England

Pack your belongings before the pickup date and wait for the courier. Your packed boxes will be collected and transferred to our secure storage facility.


During your storage time you can have one free retrieval. Either exchange your box content or just end your subscription, and have them returned.

super easy self storage in England

how much does it cost?

We designed our pricing model to be as easy as possible. There are no hidden charges, you only pay

  • The initial charge when you place an order for storing new boxes
  • A monthly charge per box after first three months of storing
  • A fixed charge for subsequent re-collection of the box should you need one

Initial charge includes

  • cost of empty boxes
  • delivery of empty boxes
  • collection of packed boxes
  • first three months of storage
  • return of the boxes

our products

Standard box product dimensions
  • 50 liters capacity
  • £28.75 for first 3 months
  • £4.25 monthly fee [from 4th month]
Large box product dimensions
  • 106 liters capacity
  • £36.90 for first 3 months
  • £4.99 monthly fee [from 4th month]

The pricing calculator on our storage page automatically adds up the total upfront cost for the amount of boxes you choose, and how much you pay monthly after that. It couldn’t be any simpler!

Our calculator also lets you know how much space you will be ordering too.

All our boxes are made of extra strong double-walled corrugated cardboard and we make sure we source from FSC® certified suppliers.

Can’t drive, won’t drive? No problem!


Don’t want the expense of buying storage space that you never fully use?

Don’t want to pay out for a van? Not enough space in the car? Can’t drive? Limited Mobility? At iSelfStor – we are here to make your life easier, whatever the reason.

Simply click & store – only pay for what you actually need.

This is the simplest most cost effective way to store your valued possessions without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Our PRICE COMPARISON PAGE also helps you see how we stack up against the rest.


Self storage in 3 simple steps.

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