Meet the worker team behind iSelfStor!

We are a storage team of experienced professionals that have taken the ImageStor brand from strength to strength since 1993.

We have been working hard to launch this new self storage service.

Check out the profiles of our team members to find out more about who we are. We all strive to provide you with useful storage services at the highest quality levels… At all times!



Maria is a founder of ImageStor. She has been successfully selling into both the Private and Public Sectors for many years and is committed to excellence. Maria likes to jog to clear her mind and come up with fresh new ideas.



Derek, the other founder of ImageStor, has 35 years’ experience in data management and storage. Derek has set up and sold successful storage businesses in the past and enjoys a bit of golf when he has the time.


Vice President

Alex has been around document management and storage solutions for the majority of her life. She also has a large creative design background. Alex is on our front lines and is most likely the person you will be speaking to about all things iSelfStor.


Operations Director

Lee joined up with us in 2007, from one of the UK’s largest computer companies. His main task was to open the Bristol site but grew fast within the company. With vast experience in storage and document management it was a perfect fit.


Software Coordinator

Alex is our senior tech guy. He has worked in software for over fifteen years and makes sure the iSelfStor ship keeps sailing smoothly. Our core principles are built on top of the digital world – If tech is the backbone of our company – Alex is our chiropractor.


Self storage in 3 simple steps.

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